What People Are Saying...

I have had people say some crazy ISH about me y'all. But I'm happy to report that everyone has responded to my book with so much love so far. 
Some of the MOST incredible messages I've received have come into my inbox from social workers and P.O's. I am not posting some of these more detailed responses because they are filled with too much private info. Suffice to say that it brings me joy to know that people dedicated to doing the work find my work relatable, accessible, and inspiring. To all of you who have passed my book on to your co-workers, clients, family, and friends, thank you!
Your messages, posts and stories mean so much to me. I love hearing that some of you are zipping through the book. I am humbled and honored to know that many of you have read it in a day. 
Finally, I want to shout out to everyone who wrote me an Amazon review. As a self-published author, I could not afford to ignore the behemoth leader in book retailers. Book reviews can make or break an author, and getting reviews on Amazon is critical.

By the way, if you have an account, you can leave a review on Amazon, even if you bought the book here. Head over HERE and let them know that BROWN LIFE stories matter!!!

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