So you want to write a book? My top ten list of how to start.

Most of us have at least on story to tell or one message to share. But when it comes to writing the book, it can all seem overwhelming. Many of the things I will list here, I didn't discover until AFTER I had already written my book. 

Why are you writing?

Do you want to make money or grow your business? Do you want to  become a speaker on a certain topic? Is your book a historical account for your family? Are you preserving parts of your culture? Knowing this will help you set the proper amount of resources. Your book will take up both time and money. 

Who is writing?

Did you know that you don't have to be the writer of your story. You can actually hire a ghostwriter! A ghostwriter is hired to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author. Ghostwriters are the perfect solution for anyone who has a great story but may feel like they lack the actual skills, desire or time to write. I will definitely be working with a ghostwriter on my second book. More on ghostwriting can be found here.

What are you writing?

Is it fiction, non-fiction? Is it a series? The purpose of a nonfiction book, is to inform or educate readers about a certain topic. Fiction books are created to entertain. Every genre has a format and you can find so much help on best practices for that particular style. 

Where will your book end up?

Will your book be available digitally, as an audiobook, or in different languages? Will people find your books in libraries, at airport bookstores, in schools, on Amazon, in corporate libraries? You may wonder why you need to know this before you start writing but think about this, if you have a destination in mind, it's easier to get directions. Knowing where your audience is likely to shape what you mention inside the pages.

How will you publish?

All information provided in this post is based on self publishing because that is my experience. But there is also the traditional publishing model. I love the Reedsy bog and found this great article about traditional publishing and how to avoid vanity presses.


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  • Great post! Congratulations on writing your book.


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