My Insta-Reading of The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

I don’t know when it happened to me. But somewhere along my journey, reading got sexy. I’m not talking about erotica. I’m talking about words that tickled my mind. Sometimes I read myself and sometimes I like to be read to. My man and I lived in different cities for the first year of our courtship. We would often gift one another books that we liked or that made us feel some kinda way. Here are a few lines from The Invitation by Oriah. This is a book about healing the deep wounds that keep us from loving ourselves and our lives. #bookstagram #healing#mylovelife #booksaresexy#bookreading #bookreader#relationshipgoals #lifeafterdivorce



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  • I just ordered your book, can’t wait!

    Carla Molina

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