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As a divorced woman, raising kids and living in Los Angeles, the public library served as a refuge. When resources are limited, public libraries, parks, and museums offer so much. This is why I knew I wanted Too Happy To Be Sad Girl in as many libraries as possible.  

For self-published authors, the actual process of getting a book into libraries is a BEAST. But you can help. Simply ask your local librarian to order a copy! Here is the info you need to request. 

ISBN 9798650442738

Library of Congress Control Number: 2020911472

I have done my part to ensure that my book has a chance. I have registered with the Library of Congress. I have distributed to sites that librarians buy from like Baker, and Taylor, and OverDrive.

I have compiled a list of libraries that I think should have my book. I have set aside a budget to write and mail personal postcards to the book buyers in those libraries. It's WORK. But getting my book in places that I think will serve most people means the world to me.

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  • I am not working I’m a single mother but I would love to read this book I have alot of issues that u have already been through

    milinda Cruz

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